Registration for Spring 2019


Registration for the Winter Semester: 'Drum Collection'  is now Closed. 


Spring Semester Coming Soon....

Pre-registration for existing families will open March 23rd!

Registration for new families will open April 1st!


Spring Semester will begin April 20th and run for 10 weeks.

Class Times (Spring 2019)

Tuesday 10:30, Mount Pearl

Wednesday 9:30, 10:30 New Cove

Thursday 9:30, 10:30 New Cove

Saturday 9:10 Mount Pearl

Sunday 9:00 Mount Pearl 

             11:15 New Cove

             12:15 New Cove

              1:15 New Cove


Our Mixed-Age class, for children from birth to age 5 is offered Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday's. 

Click here to discover the many benefits of enrolling in our mixed-age class.

This allows siblings to attend the same class together.